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Lucid Expert team members worked independently since 1998 in the field of grants. Pre-accession of Romania to the European structures coincided with a large number of projects implemented by NGOs. It was during the pioneer of funding in the current members have worked in various experts collective fundraising Bucovina. Collaboration led to funding for projects by the Soros Foundation, World Bank, Embassies of Great Britain and the Netherlands, through programs run by the Phare, FDSC, AGRAL, Ministry of Research and many others. Since 2001, foundation year of Lucid Expert - expanded range of funds accessed. In a brief calculation can be appreciated that during the pre and post funding, Lucid Expert experts were funded for approx. 180 companies in the area - attracted a total sum of approx. 10 million euros. [Programmes: Regio, Ministry of SMEs, SAPARD, ADR North East, a.o]. Funds were accessed for different areas of activity: production departments shoes, clothing, glassware, printing, furniture, pharmaceuticals, and canned meat products, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and other . Services were funded companies, restaurants and bars, traders. Small artisans and they received the opportunity to develop business. Lucid Expert has modernized their own office, equipment and software purchased and licensed specialized system through a series of three grants totaling approx. 80,000 euros.

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