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Founded in 2001, in Suceava, North-East of Romania, the Independent Group of Companies Lucid Expert & Audit Lucid, enjoy by the experience of his collaborators in various fields. Setting up a company held as a result of very different needs arising in the economic environment: image data processing firm, scientific data analysis, multimedia applications, vector graphics presentations, value analysis, auditing specialist, decision theory applications systems, appreise and valuation etc. Local businesses field provide sufficient challenges, and Lucid Expert became a partner of recommended interdisciplinary activity over ten years, during which time he developed various studies, surveys, reports, processed and analyzed databases, etc. European integration from the economic record of a football club, or consider investing in fashion, we can sketch a simplified path dispersion areas in which they worked economists, engineers, programmers, scientists, chartered accountants, insolvency or techniques in this period. The result is an interdisciplinary exercise needs courageous covering various domains often atypical. Of course I avoided SMEs, small merchants and family businesses. Our expertise includes services in the following areas:

I Grant Consulting I Accounting Services I Financial Audit I

I Accounting Expertise I Appraisal and Valuation I


Certified ISO 9001/2001 - from 2006 / CECCAR Member - from 2001 / Camera Auditorilor Member from 2007

ANEVAR- Corporative Member from 2008